Mobile Web Services – Accessing The Net Via Mobile Web Services

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Mobile Web Services – Accessing The Net Via Mobile Web Services

There are many reasons why mobile web services need to be established. There is a growing trend in the use of mobile devices in order to access the Internet. That being said, web services that can be accessed through mobile devices can make a big difference in the maintenance of regular traffic and overall income percentage.

The Mobile Web

Mobile web services are services that are accessed via mobile devices. As it is when using the regular computer, the Internet can be accessed via the mobile browser being used. Mobile applications and different web services can also be accessed directly via the mobile device if these are made available by the website owners.

Generally, most websites today have corresponding mobile applications that enable users to access their sites via the mobile device. Using GPRS, Wi-Fi, or a plug-and-play modem, these apps can be easily accessed depending on the Internet speed.

Order And Payment Options

By using these web services via the mobile device, users can also purchase items and services directly. Online banking is enabled and payment options are given in the same way they appear using the regular computer.


Because most people don’t have regular access to the Internet via the computer, mobile web services are given more advertising and promotion. When website owners make their sites available via mobile devices, there is a greater possibility that orders and purchases will increase.


However, there are also various limiting factors that can cause hassles when mobile web services are chosen over regular web services. Some of these limits are the following:

  • Smaller Screen

Except when a bigger laptop is used, most users find it a hassle that a smaller screen appears whenever they try to access the web via the mobile device. Therefore, instead of the regular interface, the screen makes the web service appear condensed in a way.

  • Windows And Tabs

Using smaller mobile devices will also affect the capacity to use several windows and tabs simultaneously. Therefore, this site can prove to be a problem especially for users who need to do several activities at the same time. Also, the Back option can be quite a hassle especially when the Internet speed is slow.

  • Navigation

There may also be a problem with navigating the entire service. Regular buttons don’t appear the same and it can be confusing especially when fonts cannot be understood easily.

  • Lack Of Cookies And Cache

Since memory space can be limited, there will be a lack of sufficient cache and cookies to enable continuous browsing. This can prove to be a real problem especially for mobile web services that have too much data in them.

  • Accessibility Of Pages

There are some mobile devices that don’t support several formats. Therefore, regular formats may not be accessible for mobile users or they may appear to be different or broken when accessed via mobile devices.

  • Cost

Another contention would be the cost of the access. Most mobile devices that are used via GPRS and other limited methods cost too much. Unless a good Wi-Fi access is present, accessing these mobile web services may prove to be too costly for a regular user.

Are They Worth It?

At the end of the day, they can help you reach out to more customers especially with the rising mobile usage. Just keep the challenges above in mind when setting up your own services.



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