Best Web Services Interview Questions

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Best Web Services Interview Questions

Here are several of the best web services interview questions. Note that there are other questions you might have. However, these are the most frequent questions and the corresponding answers to them.

  •  What is Web Service?

A Web Service is any kind of software that is used on the Internet using the general XML format. The goal is to give users an easy way to interact all over the web using this messaging format.

  • What is the new thing regarding web services?

The newest addition to web services is the use of the XML format. By using this format, messaging and interaction all over the web is now simpler and faster.

  • So, being given the definition of what a web service is, what can be a good example of it?

One of the simplest examples of a web service is IBM Web Services. This is a browser that you can get via IBM Alpha Works. Web services are basically used via UDDI, SOAP, and WSDL. The most important thing here is that services can be accessed via the plug-and-play method.

  • What do you mean by the stack of protocols?

This refers to the stack of various protocols that are used in order to run a web service. These protocols are used to give definition to the web service. They are also used to implement the service.

  • What is XML-RPC?

XML-RPC is one of the protocols that use XML for messages that are used to do Remote Procedure Calls.

  • What is SOAP?

SOAP is the protocol used in order to do transfers among computers.

  • What is WSDL?

WDSL is that which describes the interface used in a specific service.

  • For security purposes, what does a web service use in particular?

This is really one of the best web services interview questions since it deals with security. For various web services, the SSL certificate is used in order to assure security. Basically, all information needs to be encrypted so that they are protected from all dangers that may occur. Hacking is rampant online and encrypting information will protect all users from all kinds of information theft.

  • Define REST.

REST refers to the architectural plan used for Internet software. It has several constraints and in order to call a web service RESTful, the application needs to cover all these different constraints. The general constraints known are:

–          Client’s Server

–          Statelessness

–          Cache Capability

–          System That Is Layered

–          Consistent Interface

  • What are the different browsers that support these web services?

Some of the well-known browsers that support web services are Mozilla’s Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer.

  • What are the benefits of these web services?

There are lots of benefits seen in these web services. The idea that web services are supported by several well-known browsers is already a major point. Also, there are lots of other technological developments being discovered in order to make messaging much easier for users.

  • What are the different channels used for communication using web services?

Generally, there are main protocols used in web services. These are HTTP/GET, HTTP/POST, and SOAP.



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